Dean of the College

People compete with each other and compete, with their sciences and scholars, and what is the best country that adopts accurate and fortified scientific foundations, and serious development plans towards building a prosperous advanced society of black science and flourishing scientists who emerged to serve their country, and it has been said before that scholars are the inheritors of the prophets. This is how it is happening in our ancient country, which was known for its distinguished scholars, who possess insightful minds, correct opinions, and fierce debates.
And yet, the nation of various sciences that serve man in particular and society in general will be based on universities or various scientific institutions, the first of which are universities that take upon themselves to mobilize a scientific generation that is nourished by the various sciences in them. It truly contributes effectively and developed to the advancement of the scientific process and its advancement to the heights of creativity and innovation.

Yes, the university is the effective tool in the process of developing minds and capabilities through sober scientific research to prepare people who carry the weight of science on their boards... The College of Education for Pure Sciences is but one of these scientific institutions that also undertakes the preparation of scientific youth, and it prepares educational leaders who undertake The educational and scientific responsibility, and the College of Education for Pure Sciences has actively contributed to providing the highest levels of services to the community through research and holding research seminars and seminars that are compatible with this scientific institution... It is without a doubt one of the scientific and educational institutions that society cannot do without. It has become a center for luminous scientific radiation in raising the level of scientific performance.
Finally, may God bless the discreet scientific and educational efforts carried out by the College of Education for Pure Sciences, which are educational leaders who make a generous and venerable contribution to riding the scientific march to serve Iraq.
God bless

 the Dean, Prof. Dr. Faleh Hussein Khudair