continuous education

The definition

The Continuing Education Unit is an educational, educational and training unit for college and university cadres. It also represents a window through which the college overlooks the community and interacts positively with its various educational sectors by providing training courses, seminars and specialized scientific workshops that meet the needs of all state and community institutions.

Unit Services:

The Continuing Education Unit provides rehabilitation and training services in the following areas:

Physics, Chemistry, Life Sciences, Mathematics, Computer Science


The Continuing Education Unit seeks to be a distinct training unit to meet the needs of college and university cadres, and we seek to open up to the community in order to provide training and education in scientific and educational fields to serve our country, Iraq.

the message:

Providing training services to the college, university, various state institutions and segments of society in proportion to their needs, using the latest technologies in accordance with comprehensive quality standards.


Developing human cadres, including academics, employees, and students at the university.

Providing training services to various segments of society, especially the educational and educational community.

Continuing to develop training methods and establish specialized programs in line with the latest developments and community needs.

Unit tasks:

Making continuing education and its programs at the service of a large number of members of the university community in particular and the Iraqi community in general.
Determine training programs in coordination with the relevant departments in the college for scientific sobriety.
Determining the dates in which the courses will be held, the place and the target group, issuing announcements and informing the media.
Identifying trainers from the college first or outside it in coordination with the Deanship of the College and the Continuing Education Center at the university.
Providing the requirements of the activity in coordination with the college and the department that provides this activity.
Supervising courses and programs, issuing certificates and attendance lists.

How the unit works:

Coordination with the scientific departments in the college and the Continuing Education Center at the university in the field of continuing education teaching activities.
Follow up the preparations for the activity in terms of providing halls or laboratories, advertisements, attendance lists and issuing certificates.
Follow-up on the lecturer receiving his financial or moral dues, such as a letter of thanks or support for the establishment of activities
Inviting external lecturers when needed for their specializations in coordination with the deanship of the college or center
Adopting the activities of other units in the college if their objectives are in the field of continuing education
future directions:

First: Increasing scientific and educational contract training programs to meet the needs of various institutions.

Second: Providing programs in the field of training and rehabilitation for the unemployed.

Third: Contribute to solving the problems of educational institutions in the Ministry of Education in the development courses for teachers and teachers.

Fourth: Contribute to literacy campaigns in Iraqi society.

Fifth: Training educational cadres to use educational techniques in learning.


Staff of the Continuing Education Unit at the College of Education for Pure Sciences

1- Dr. Fatima Hussein Saeed / Physics Department / Unit Director

unit members

2- Dr. Fella Abdel Sattar Abdel / Department of Life Sciences

3- Dr. Ansam Ahmed Abdel Rahman/ Department of Mathematics

4- Dr. Zainab Hamza Abbas / Department of Computer Science

5- M.Sc. Asmaa Hussein Allawi/ Department of Chemistry

6- M.Sc. Abdullah Jassim Yassin/ Department of Computer Science