college Council

Board members of the College of Education for Pure Sciences

Teaching                                              position name
 A.D. Faleh Hussein Khudair Brigadier           Dean of the College Council
A.D. Abdul Sattar Jabbar Ali, Associate         Dean for Scientific Affairs
A.D. Majid Muhammad Jassim Hamza          Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs
 A.D. Jabbar Mansour Khalaf                          Head of the physics department
A.D. Mortada Youssef Mahdi                         Head of the Department of Life Sciences
A.D. Mazhar Abdul-Wahed Abdul-Hussein    Head of the Mathematics Department
A.M.D. Faiza Abdul Karim Nasser                 Head of the chemistry department
Prof. Dr. Iyad Ibrahim Abdel-Sada                Head of the Department of Computer Science
Prof. Dr. Emad Mohsen Hadi                        Rapporteur of the College Council