About the mathematics department

About the mathematics department

The Department of Mathematics was established in 1975 - 1976. The department aims to prepare and prepare graduate students as teachers in secondary schools, vocational schools, and Iraqi institutes. The department grants a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics, where the graduate is qualified to teach mathematics sciences, and graduates of the department are qualified for postgraduate studies and conducting research, in addition to the active participation of some of the department’s teachers in scientific and educational symposiums inside and outside the country. The department includes (5) classrooms For initial studies, at a rate of (56) students, and two classrooms for postgraduate studies at an average of (18) students.

the message:

Graduating qualified people who possess scientific logical thinking and scientific research skills in mathematics. As well as the dissemination of knowledge and science to enrich life and motivate people to think aware of science to develop society and to create an environment conducive to education and understanding.

the aim :

Graduating a batch of teachers who are scientifically, educationally and patriotically qualified to contribute to building the great Iraq, educating the rising youth of its children, and instilling a love of science and homeland in the hearts of students. Encouraging scientific research and publishing in prestigious journals Encouraging attendance and participation in conferences, scientific symposia, training courses and workshops

Vision :

Upholding hope, good deeds and mutual understanding generation after generation through balanced education and adhering to the principle that more public service is the most noble goal for people in general and teachers in particular. As well as devising ways to deal with the changing reality of education and a system capable of thinking .and decision-making in an integrated manner.