About the computer department

About the department

The establishment of the department was approved in 2002 under the system of the College of Education - University of Basra. The study began in the department at the beginning of the year 2002-2003. This distinguished educational edifice was established in the College of Education by establishing the educational infrastructure and strengthening it with the necessary elements for the necessary educational inputs that lead to the development of the educational process in terms of quality and quality. Our society is going through the era of information technology and the information revolution, where the importance of information and communication technology has increased during the recent period, and daily life has become dependent on the use of computers in all fields and various activities as a tool that supports the work system, develops the skills of individuals and opens wide and new horizons for research, training, individuals, projects and resources. In view of this tremendous and accelerating technological development in various fields of life, especially in the field of computers and its applications, our department has taken upon itself the dissemination of knowledge in this field, enriching people's lives with it, motivating them to scientific thinking, and realizing the impact of information and communication technology on societal development to create an environment conducive to learning and understanding and the competition of scientific development Contribute to better education and a more comprehensive culture in the era of information technology.

the message

Our department seeks to be in a leadership position in the educational, educational, academic and research field to be able to provide the community with highly qualified programmers and educational teachers who can contribute to building its various institutions, depending on the availability of a high-level scientific and educational staff and affiliation.


In light of the huge capabilities, applications, uses and developments, which have become a direct challenge, we must keep pace and develop with it, whether through a generation of teachers, programmers and designers with experience in programming languages ​​at a high level, or by participating in building good information systems or modifying those systems in accordance with our needs and also creating innovation. New applications are carried out by the performance of an academic and scientific community based on upholding hope, good deeds and mutual understanding, generation after generation, through balanced education and adherence to the principle of public service.

Objectives :

The department aims primarily at preparing and graduating a teacher with knowledge, critical thinking and a correct vision to transfer knowledge and morals that qualifies their students to achieve the goals of distinguished citizenship, and to be a good teacher capable of teaching computer science and the development that follows him, and he is qualified to complete his higher studies.